661 / Mercado Colón / Valencia

HUGO 3-13 007_mercado colon_r_p HUGO 3-13 007_mercado colon_r_rp1



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  1. I love your sketches — so fresh and alive! I’m curious about the materials you use – in particular what sketchbook (bound) that is good for taking these washes. I would love to get back to sketching, and I love the bound sketchbooks.

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I’m sorry for taking so long to answer you!

      I use several types of sketchbook.

      Lately I’ve been using one from Muji, the smaller one, and the big rectangular one is a Daeler Rowney (150g/m2 cartridge paper).

      For drawing, usually I use a uni-ball “eye” fine and then I paint with “Windsor and Newton” watercolor using several paintbrushes (1,6,8,10).

      I hope I’ve helped you, good luck for your drawings!

      If I can help you, just write me!

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