1456 / Red Water tanks / Parsons School of Design // NYC

5th Avenue, from Parsons’ Library, in a nice, fancy and comfy chair and not in the floor, as unfortunately I’m used too… A nice spot to #sketch when it is cold outside, like these last days in NYC. This perspective demanded one more vanishing point than usual! 

1432/ Big Band / Greenwich Village // NYC

This time #thevillagevangard big band was playing and was sitting on different point of view. The dark room forced me to sketch using my phone screen as a lighting source. The odd thing happened when the band stopped the show because someone was recording. I was drawing and didn’t noticed that were pointing at me! When I realized that,  I told “I’m drawing”.They didn’t believe, ironically smiling, like saying “are you kidding me?!” I turn  

1417/ John Zorn at Village / NYC 

Another accomplished dream. Coming to the Village Vanguard! Seated on first row at a John Zorn Gig: Couldn’t be better! At the end, I went to backstage and asked Zorn to sign my sketch. He didn’t look very friendly at the beginning. Then, after kindly sign the drawing and ask all the band to do the same, he told me “I though you were a critic, but of course you’re too thin to be a critic!


1196 / Finca Roja / Valencia // Spain

This building from 1933 has a clear influence from the Dutch expressionism, so it is a little strange to see it in integrated in a Valencia street. Anyway it is a remarkable building and I was hoping to draw it for a long time! It is an hard one, though: I took 1h15 to finish the drawing.

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