I’ve found this sketch I did when living at Amalfi Coast. I was waiting for the bus to Ravello. This cross was particularly chaotic: cars and motorbikes that stopped only for a couple of minutes (that is why some of them are unfinished). The first 2 buses were packed, I couldn’t get in, so finally I asked for a lift to Ravello ! #uniball + #pentelbrushpen on #dalerrowney #sketchbook

usk-chi-7-r50Awesome! I’m so honored to be chosen to lead a lecture during the 8th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago, Illinois. It will be great to meet there so many great sketchers that I admire! Early Bird Registration for this Urban Sketchers Symposium (happening on July 26-29 2017) sold out in a few minutes! Don’t worry — there’s still plenty of time to secure passes and select your workshops. Standard registration opens on Saturday, February 18 at 5 pm CST (23:00 GMT). #USkChicago2017 #drawing #afreshdrawingeveryday

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