Hugo graduated in architecture in Oporto (ESAP), Portugal. Received his Ph.D. degree in Architecture and graphic expression from ETSAV (Valencia – Spain), sponsored by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). M.Sc  in Graphic Expression (ETSAV)

He is currently residing in Valencia, Spain, lecturing at the Superior Technical Architecture University of this city, (ETSAV) teaching courses on Architectural Form Analysis and landscape representation.

He was instructor in Urban sketching workshops in NYC, Oporto and Valencia.

Visiting Researcher Scholar at American Academy of Art – Chicago, The Parsons SCE, New York City, Università degli Studi di Salerno and Sapienza – Università di Roma.

Author of several published papers and lectures on graphic expression, architectural survey and drawing in divers Universities in USA, Europe and Middle East.

As an architect, worked, among other offices, at Santiago Calatrava (Valencia), Périphériques (Paris), MVRDV (Rotterdam/Paris) and QA Associates(Valencia), overlapping these activities with professional personal projects related to architecture, 3d laser survey, urban sketching and illustration.

His Urban Sketching drawings have been shown in Solo Exhibitions at New York , Valence and Madrid and Collective Exhibitions at Venice, Valence,  Ferrara, Clermont Ferrand and Dallas (where he was finalist at the Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition)

He worked as Storyboard artist at “We the animals” featured movie (Directed by the Emmy nominated Jeremiah Zagar, produced by Public Record, NYC)

Since October 2010 he has been sketching every day and blogging about the performed drawings.

Published articles on research indexed magazines:

Nueva York: relatos gráficos

Conversando con… Frank D.K. Ching

Conversando con…OSCAR NIEMEYER


Arquitecto portugués, Graduado en Oporto, Portugal  (ESAP). Master y Doctorado en Expresión Gráfica en Valencia (ETSAV-UPV). Docente en la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia, impartiendo asignaturas relacionadas con la expresión gráfica.

“Visiting Scholar” en American Academy of Art – Chicago, The Parsons SCE, NYC, Università di Salerno y Università La Sapienza, Roma.

Autor de numerosos artículos y conferencias, en diversas Universidades, sobre la expresión gráfica y dibujo y su relación con arquitectura. Conferencias en Francia, Italia, Portugal, Rumania, España y Turquía.

Colaboró, entre otros, con Périphériques (Paris), MVRDV (Rotterdam / Paris), QA Associates (Valencia) y Santiago Calatrava (Valencia), complementando estas actividades con proyectos personales.

Expuso sus dibujos en exposiciones individuales y colectivas en Nueva York, Valencia, Madrid, Ferrara, Venecia y Clermont-Ferrand y Dallas (finalista en los prémios Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition).

Artista invitado para la realización del Storyboard de la película We the animals, dirigido por Jeremiah Zagar y producido por Public Record, NYC.

Desde 2010 dibuja diariamente.


Arquiteto português, Licenciatura ESAP, Porto, Portugal,  Master e Doutoramento em Expressão Gráfica Arquitetónica em Valência, Espanha (ETSAV-UPV). Docente na Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia, das disciplinas Análisis de Formas Arquitectónicas e  Paisagem Urbana – Desenho à mão alçada.

Autor de numerosos artigos e conferências, em diversas Universidades, sobre expressão gráfica e desenho e a sua relacão com a arquitetura. Conferências em Franca, Itália, Portugal, Roménia, Espanha e Turquia. Como arquiteto, colaborou, entre outros, com Périphériques (Paris), MVRDV (Rotterdam / Paris), QA Associates (Valencia) y Santiago Calatrava (Valencia), complementando estas atividades com projetos pessoais.

Autor do “Storyboard” para o filme “We the animals”, dirigido por Jeremiah Zagar, e produzido por Public Record, NYC)

Professor visitante em Sapienza – Università di Roma em 2012. Atualmente “Visiting Scholar” na Parsons SCE, NYC.

  1. Hi! I’m an Italian urban sketcher and I appreciate your work. all my best! Margot

    • Thanks a lot for your nice words and your support!

  2. Just came upon your blog today, and I must say that I am so inspired! Hoping all is well over there in Valencia!

    • Thanks a lot Cecilia! I am glad for your inspiration!

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