I’ve not been posting these last days because my phone was stolen at Soho. Besides loosing all my data, I couldn’t make my usual drawing pictures for my last drawings. I realized how dependent I am from the smart phone!

Yesterday, I was at the amazing Brooklyn Art Library featuring “36,075 artists’ books contributed by creative people from 135+ countries”. Thanks Millie for letting me your phone for this picture!


At my lecture on the Chicago Urbansketchers Symposium (link at the bottom) I talked about my blog and drawings, the process to reach 2000 posted sketches and how it changed my life.
I am so glad for the general positive reaction of the public!
It was like a dream being there, as “faculty” and having in the audience some of my favorite sketchers and drawing references for so long.
Thank you Chicago USK Symposium – see you in Porto!
The lecture was streamed on line and it can be watched at YouTube. BTW, you can skip the first 1,5 minutes, while we were preparing the prevention.

Thanks Wes Douglas for the great drawing and picture!

A minha conferencia em Chicago, onde abordei a , publicação de 2000 desenhos no meu blog, pode ser vista no You Tube:

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