2635 / Vilnus – Town Hall Square / Lithuania

PAnorama at one of the main Vilnius square. You can slide for the process drawings and video. I’ve done this process pics so my students at the workshop could understand it. Hope it is helpful?
Slide for the process pics!

#lamysafary F and #Promarker at @smltart  watercolor paper

2610 / Renault 5 Turbo 2 / Circuito Ricardo Tormo

Yesterday at Racing Legends @circuitvalencia , sketching this amazing #renault5turbo2 . My father had several R5, so I have a special felling by this car.

Slide for the process pics and video where you can hear the beautiful noise of the 1984 130hp turbo rear engine. Isn’t it great?

2601 / Fisher House / Pensylvania

Do you have any favorite house? This one is one of my favourite for sure! The Fisher House was designed in the 60’s by Louis Khan. Some say Kahn was influenced by the fishermen houses he drew at Amalfi coast in his Grand Tour trip in 1929/30.

2600 / Exhibition in NYC streets

It was sooo exciting walking around NYC from Manhattan to Brooklyn and spot my drawings all over the city!! They were randomly popping out on all the (round) 2000 Link NYC screens . Did any of NYC followers spotted them?

2596 / Xàtiva Castle / Valencia

#usk meeting at the amazing Xátiva Castle So nice to be back to these meetings! How cool is sketching with other sketchers? Don’t you think?
Lamy F y @rk.spain on @hahnemuehle_global

2592 / Old train / UPV

Train drawing at the #upv (for my students).

I’ve used 3 different lamy (different thickness and colors) to try to depict the different values,  what do you think of that?
#lamysafary and #lamyallstar on #smltart sketchbook
Pic : #galaxynote10plus #withgalaxy

2591 / Villajoyosa / Spain

Cool and colorful mb van matching with the also colorful Villajoyosa.  Nice to meet the proud van owner @gorkagbashi !
1h00 sketch
Pic: #samsunggalaxynote10plus #withgalaxy
#lamysafary and @rk.spain on #strathmoreart bristol paper

2590 / Altea house / Valencia

Altea house (1950) . Painting under this beautiful pines and listening to the waves breaking on the shore. Custom sketchbook kindky hand made by my friend and great sketcher @deazproyect .
1h30 . pencil and #watercolor

2589 / New project / Leça da Palmeira // Porto

New house project on the way! The best way to understand the site and the “genius locci” of it is sending smoe hours sketching it, don’t you think?

#uniballeye on #canson #sketchbook .

Slide to the details

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