1411 / Autumn at Prospect Park / NYC

I’m struggling to reach painting some resemblance of only a little part of the colors that Autumn reserves to this Park. Impossible, nature always wins! I not even dare to show you the picture of the real trees…


1401 / Autumn mood / Washigton Park // NYC

Yesterday #sketchcrawl at Washington Park, NYC . There was a crazy atmosphere at the park with all kind of musicians, dancers, protestors, religious prayers… and all I could draw was this peaceful Autumn scenario… 


1399 / Street at Red Hook / NYC 

Street at #redhook, close to Valentino Pier. Just before the dawn. The light was so beautiful when I started the drawing, not exactly as when I did the picture. At this time of the day, light changes in every second. I had a lot of nice and funny comments here: “that’s hot, that’s detail on the top of detail”. “Once you finish, you got a sell it!” “You got a f*****g talent, Damn, f*****g amazing, you got this f*****g van!” 🙂  

1397 / Finantial District from Brooklyn Bridge / NYC 

Just now at Brooklyn Bridge ,taking advantage of the (relatively) warm weather. Maybe the last day of the year when I would be able to sketch at night. This time used watercolor on moleskine sketchbook. 


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