1196 / Finca Roja / Valencia // Spain

This building from 1933 has a clear influence from the Dutch expressionism, so it is a little strange to see it in integrated in a Valencia street. Anyway it is a remarkable building and I was hoping to draw it for a long time! It is an hard one, though: I took 1h15 to finish the drawing.

1187 / Guadalaviar School / Valencia // Spain

Guadalaviar School (1957-60) is one my favorite buildings in Valencia. I love the composition of the exterior volumes, but I would like to  stress the remarkable atmosphere created by the inner garden. Architect: Fernando Martínez García-Ordoñez

A Escola Guadalaviar (1957-1960) é um dos meus edifícios favoritos em Valencia, Espanha. A composição dos volumes exteriores é muito interessante, mas o que realmente me fascina é  extraordinária atmosfera criada pelo jardim interior, difícil de visitar já que é um colégio privado religioso. Arquitecto: Fernando Martínez García-Ordoñez

guadalaviar hugo003-r24psi

1183 / The crane at the Architect’s Association Building / Valencia // Spain

CTAV hugo001_r23-psiYesterday, a Yellow crane was being used to clean the facade of the Architect’s Association Building (CTAV), at Calle Hernán Cortes.
I had to register that ephemeral moment, where that yellow and red forms were being composed against the glass facade.
There was a hard light to embody, though. The sky was grey and there were no contrasting shadows nor clear highlights…

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