1380 / Broadway subway / Bushick / Brooklyn 

I told you before, I’m obsessed with this #subway beam intersections. I didn’t have time neither to paint , nor to photograph it (too dark). I’ll try to go there another day and watercolor it. Here, colors and light are amazing! Also the multicultural atmosphere, people talked to me in English and Spanish. young Americans called me “bro” or “man” and a Spanish speaking lady called me “papi”. The best comments I remember were: “wow! you really got it for detail” or, if you paint it and put it next to here, it’s gonna be like reality!” (it was said in Spanish).


1375 / Subway beams at Bushwick / Brooklyn 

I’m in love with this #subway beams at #Bushwick, #Brooklyn. Near the stations, micro cosmos are generated with stores, parties, multicultural atmosphere and always a lot of loud music, either from the open windows of a car, or from some shop. 


1026 / Porto from my balcony / Portugal

From my balcony I can see, among other things, the commercial street of Oporto (Santa Catarina) and the Coliseu (the most famous concert hall in town). It is a shame the subtle colors of the painting get lost in the picture…

ago_14sdbandeira_005_d ago_14sdbandeira_005_rps


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