1512 / Yo la tengo at Kings Theatre / Brooklyn / NYC 

Yo la tengo show at Kings Theatre, last October. I had this unpublished sketch on my little Moleskine. Yo la tengo (one of my favorite bands) was celebrating their 30th anniversary on that magnificent Brooklyn theatre.  

1407 / Under the beams of Myrtle Train Station / Brooklyn // NYC

Yesterday at Myrtle/Broadway, Brooklyn. Back to my Beloved beams and chaotic atmosphere: police sirens, works on the road, subway breaking screech, all the  kind of automobile horns and a miscellaneous of people, some really strange! All this, under the sound of the loud music coming from the corner store. I was sit on my bike that was supported by the Dunkin’ Donuts window. Next to me, a lady, that opened the Dunkin’s door to costumers waiting for some coins in return, told me “You just did this? All this? Amazing!” Thanks for your comment!! (It was impossible to make the picture, due the high contrasting light)


1402 / Convertible Mustang / little Italy / NYC

I’ve just spotted this classic #mustang at #littleitaly. I’m tired, it’s late and freezing, but I could’t avoid to stop and sketch it. I had some pleasant comments of 2 nice German girls that probably would be reading this 🙂 Now I’m warming up, with a hot and tasty noodle soup at my favorite Chinese restaurant in town. 


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