1183 / The crane at the Architect’s Association Building / Valencia // Spain

CTAV hugo001_r23-psiYesterday, a Yellow crane was being used to clean the facade of the Architect’s Association Building (CTAV), at Calle Hernán Cortes.
I had to register that ephemeral moment, where that yellow and red forms were being composed against the glass facade.
There was a hard light to embody, though. The sky was grey and there were no contrasting shadows nor clear highlights…

713 / sailing & painting with the spinnaker up / Malvarrosa / Valencia

HUGO_2-6-13-spi_1_r_p Aftter drawing this boat so many times, I feel confortable to draw it directly with my uni-ball and then painting all the scene while chatting to my friends (on the wheel or trimming the sails).

I did a little break to help to haul up the spinnaker!

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