982 / Sala Capitular / Convento S. Domingo / Valencia

sala capitular -6-14_st domingo006_rpsBuilt between 1310 and 1320 this amazing and breathtaking gothic space is along with the adjacent cloister, the first construction in Valencia using brick severies vault system.

If found the room hard to represent due to is high  vertical proportions, imposible to represent with only 2 vanishing points?

872 / Capilla de los Reyes / Convento S. Domingo // Valencia

The fantastic stellar vaulted geometry of the Chapel, a gothic valencian masterpiece.

Stone niceties that represent the highest degree of sophistication reached by the medieval stonework in the city of Valencia. This is because each of the edges and joints are perfectly drawn and executed without failure.

The Royal Chapel of Santo Domingo can be said as that is the most important stonework vault in Hispanic territory of the Aragon Crown, and one of the leading works in construction technology of the moment, not only by the (for sure) complex setting-out on site but also by its construction process. For the first time a sophisticated rotating crane (as the one Brunelleschi used in Florence to build the dome of Santa Maria dell ‘Fiore ) was used in Spain.


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