1570 / ink is finished / Calle Avellanas // Valencia

Ink line is finished! I was looking forward to add some shadow values with the pen, but that makes no sense since I’m going to paint it after. Now, it’s when I start enjoying and suffering at the same time!


1274 / Plaza del Conde Real (scanned version) / Valencia

Yesterday at Plaza del Conde Real, where we can find some of the oldest buildings at Valencia (at the right). This place brings me old memories, when I worked at the Calatrava office, one of the buildings that closes the square.

Did It in 2 sessions, the first day I was almost alone, while on the second day a big disguised crowd invaded the little square, before joining the Corpus procession.

Este finde en la Plaza del Conde Real, donde se pueden encontrar algunos de los edificios más antiguos de Valencia (a la derecha). Esta era la vista (unos metros más arriba) que tenía desde el despacho de Santiago Calatrava, uno de los magnificos palacios que cierra la Plaza, ahora cerrado y donde trabajé hace un par de años.


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