1739 / plane sketch*2 

This guy was so asking to be sketched!! On the left, in blue, you can see his signature , done when I showed him the drawing. Then, he felt asleep again; that was when I took the pic. On the TAP plane from Lisbon to Valencia. I took more thanks 24 hours from Clermont-Ferrand to Valencia due to a big delay in Lyon!

1691 / Wizzair plane / Treviso

I always wanted to paint Wizzair planes odd colors! This time, I had one in front of my eyes and my flight to Barcelona was 2 hours late. Almost perfect conditions, since, unfortunately, the light didn’t help (cloudy sky). I kind of regretted starting to paint those colors, when I realized they were so hard to get with my little watercolor pan! You can realize that by the huge quantity of color strokes on the moleskine.

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