1084 / Stairs at the University / Valencia // Spain

This is an exercise I asked my students to do. Nothing better than doing it myself, in order to understand all the possible doubts they can have. To goal was not to draw “a stair”, but rather understand the geometry that contains it. roller-ball and 4b pencil on caballo paper.

El objectivo no es dibujar “una escalera”, pero sí, entender la geometría que la contiene.

hugo 10-14_upv escalera009_r22-ps-i

1076 / From the train station (trying big format) / Valencia // Spain

hugo 10 45 skc 14001_rps20This was my first morning sketch at the 45th world wide sketchcrawl, done at the Train Station, looking at the City Hall. At my daily “research” on drawing, I’m now trying bigger formats in urban sketches: this is one of the new experiences (42×29,7cm).

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