Last Summer at Naples. Uniball pen and watercolor on fabriano paper. 


You might already know that I love drawing cables, signs and people walking around, so here, at Via San Biagio dei Librai, I feel wonderful! I even sketch this same point of view twice in the same week! (33x48cm)

I was about 3 hours in Naples, where I went from the new Central Station metro metro line, directly to the Via Toledo. It was almost shocking traveling in 10 minutes from the bright and pompous  (french style ?) metro station (from Dominique Perrault) to the the Vicolo del Tofo, right in the heart of the Quartiere spagnolo.

hugo des 3-14 salerno-naples002_r22-psi

I wanted a sketch from Naples! Though It was such a cold and windy day, (very windy!) and raining cats and dogs, so I stood under a balcony to do this quick sketch  (I think it didn´t take much more than 20 m).

I was frozen, but I had also to paint it, cause Naples it is all about different mixed colors. So there I was under the balcony, with my watercolors, trying to avoid the rain drops on the bloc….

HUGO 3-13 009 _ napoles_R_P
HUGO 3-13 009 _ napoles_R_P1

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