2011 / Love Canon /  Bar Lunàtico / Bed-Stuy // NYC

Love Canon at Bar Lunàtico, Brooklyn. Signed by all the musicians! Thank you! My flight to London was delayed, so, instead of waiting at the airport, I  went to the great “Lunàtico” to listen and sketch this awesome band! Thanks Rachel for letting me your phone to make this picture!



1754 /  Jazz at the UPV / Valencia 

Great jazz show, last week at the UPV. Lucía Martinez Quartet, is formed by the drummer that leads and gives the name at the Band, and 3 Portuguese form Oporto, Pedro Neves (piano), João Pedro Brandão (saxo) and Carl Minnemann (bass). 

1458/ Joe Magnarelli Quartet / Smalls Jazz Club// NYC

Beautiful performance yesterday at Smalls jazz club. Joe Magnarelli Quartet performance was amazing and unforgettable! I forgot my little and more discreet moleskine I usually carry to jazz nights, so I had to use the big one; not so bad, I thought, I can use watercolor at this one.


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