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The battery of my little old Twingo went off this morning. Apparently I forgot the trunk door opened for a couple of days. I Called the insurance mechanic and while waiting for him, started sketching. He arrived faster than I imagined, in a fancy Range Rover ( I got disappointed, I thought he would arrive in a typical old red crane). He quickly charged the battery and told me to let the engine on for 30m. I kept on sketching (that is when I loose the sense of time…) and only stopped when I saw some steam getting out from the overheated engine! Opened the bonnet and the engine water was boiling…On the other hand, I was freezing!

While waiting for the mechanic to change a perforated tire (the screw is on my left hand and the tire was brand new – didn’t have more than 1km!). I wanted to sketch my car ( started to draw  it in the left part of the sketchbook), but I wasn’t allowed to be among the mechanics, so I had to draw in the boring area where the new cars were. I decided to occupy my time with this fancy 2 Series Cabrio… 

This morning at the box of the team Raton Racing on the Lamborghini Blanc Pain Super Trofeo. One of the team members (they were all very nice!) thanked me for making the sketch, saying that it would give them luck to the race! In fact, this car I accidently choose to sketch, won later the race, becoming world Champion!
At the end, I return to the boxes and asked the driver (and champion) Dane Lind to sign my sketch.

Roberto Tanca, Thanks for the picture.

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