2602 / Fisher House, Louis Khan, 2nd sketch / Philadelphia

In spite of the freezing cold, I did a second sketch of the amazing #fisherhouse (see last post). I was so exciting to be there, after sketching it with my students (by reference pictures and plans) so many times! The house is divided in 2 “cubic” volumes: the one on right featuring the iconic double height living room (pic. 2) and kitchen.  On the left you can find the bed rooms and the entrance featuring (maybe) the best volume Intersection on history of architecture? What is the opinion of my architect followers?

2076 / Lovell House / Los Angeles

Lovell House. Last Summer, at my stay in L.A. I tried to sketch,on site, some of my the houses in that city. This master piece, from Richard Neutra was one of them. #uniball and #pentelbrushpen on the little #moleskine

2015 / Via 57 West / NYC

Last week, testing my new and beautiful #leuchtturm1917, in hard raining conditions. I was drawing the #bigarchitects building at 57th street, under a tree to avoid rain drops. Then, it started raining cats and dogs, that was when I moved under a bigger tree and drew my bicycle, on the foreground. 


2003 / Robie House in color / Chicago

Sketching with the best at Robie House, designed by the Master Frank Lloyd Wright. I was double excited: visiting this house and meting personally some of my favorite sketchers! @flwtrust #wright150 #uskchicago2017 #architecture #franklloydwright #robiehouse

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