Issue 04 of GRAPHITE is out now! London based #graphite magazine published one article where I talk about my process of drawing and gear I use, featuring some sketches done at Valencia for this magazine. The Magazine looks so nice: congrats to the editor, designers and all Graphite members!





When I was a kid I had this dream to see an NBA game. Finally I’m realizing it! The usual option would be a NY Nicks game, but I feel more like a brooklyner now , so here I was supporting the Nets against the Sixers! I wish I could have had the time to paint it, besides the light was awful to take the picture, so here is the possible image to register that moment!  

The shadows of an anonymous building. This dark areas suggest forms rather than defining them…

The “dark side” is not a moral concept in this post but a graphic one!

Definición de las formas de un edificio a través de sus sombras proyectadas.

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