1283 / Hugo and his mascot Harquín

At the beginning of the school term, the kids were asked to bring a mascot home ( Harquín, the fox) for a weekend. The parents had to and make a report of those day with Harquín, including a text a some related pictures. Of course I did some drawings instead: sleeping or cooking  with Harquín, Harquín with the fishes or riding the Norton….hugo_06_2015_harquin.r25-psihugo_06_2015005_d_r50

  1. David said:

    So sweet! I remember one of my daughters bringing home Paddington Bear home for a weekend. I don’t recall if their were reporting requirements 🙂 That was about 20 years ago! I’ll have to ask her if she remembers.

    • Thanks David! I’m glad this drawing brought good memories to you! Regards!

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