1175 / Calle Naturalista Arévalo Baca / Valencia // Spain

I ve been drawing outside everyday , facing and fighting the cold wind that has been stricking this last few days in Valencia. With this sketch, I lost the battle, and I’m now writing, sick with a cold, on my sofa and a hot cup of tea next to me .

hugo des 2-15 _006_falla_r22-psi

  1. Ironically the same had happened to me Hugo. The weather is freezing here but very sunny and clear. I’ve been sketching everyday but paying for it now with a streaming cold. Lovely sketch by the way. I love the shadow cast by the foreground tree.

    • Thanks! What a coincidence! Things we do for drawing! Hope you cold goes way soon!

      • Thanks hugo, all good now it all adds to the memories of the drawing if you do like i do and write a sort of diary of the context etc on the drawing itself.

  2. Hope your cold goes away soon – it never does… – looking at the sketch I find it remarkable – the perspective and detail are outstanding. And tomorrow remember that interiors are also cool to draw! 😉

    • Thanks!! You are right, I must focus on interiors!

  3. David said:

    Vitamin C, tea with lemon and honey, stay warm and dry! Best wishes for a speedy recovery 🙂

    • Thanks a lot David, I’m following your tips!

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